Junior Beginners – Q4 October-December


Stances: Guarding,
Walking, ‘L’,

Blocks: Inward Low Block, Knifehand Guarding Block

Strikes: Obverse/Reverse Punch, Outward Knifehand, Outward Backfist, Looping Backfist, Spinning Backfist

Kicks: Front Kick, Round Kick, Step up Side Kick, Axe Kick


Combo # 10

# Technique Side
1. High Block Left
2. Inward Block Left
3. Outward Block Left
4. Reverse Punch Right
5. Front Kick (Returning) Right
6. Round Kick (Advancing) Right
7. Slide Up Side Kick Right

Combo # 11

# Technique Side
1. Back Fist Left
2. Step Through Punch Right
3. Step Behind Spinning Knife Hand Left
4. Rear Leg Round Kick Right

Combo # 12

# Technique Side
1. Back Fist Left
2. Reverse Punch Right
3. Front Kick (Returning) Right
4. Round Kick (Advancing) Right
5. Step Up Side Kick Right

Pattern – Universal 3

Universal #3
# Technique Side Stance Step
1. Twin Punch Down Both Right Sitting Yes
2. Inward Low Block Right Walking Yes (swivel left as Toi Gye)
3. Outward Knife Hand Strike Right Walking No (Yell)
4. Inward Low Block Left Walking Yes (swivel right as Toi Gye)
5. Outward Knife Hand Strike Left Walking No (Yell)
6. Cup in Saucer Left/Right Closed Yes
7. Step Back Fist Left Guarding Yes
8. Step Thru Punch Right Walking Yes
9. Looping Back Fist Right Step Behind (X) Yes
10. Spinning Back Fist Left Guarding Yes
11. Reverse Punch Right Walking Yes (Yell)
12. Round Kick Right Yes
13. Guarding Stance Right No
14. Knife Hand Blocks Left Guarding Yes
15. Knife Hand Blocks Right Guarding Yes
17. Slip Step Axe Kick Right Yes (Yell)
18. Pull Down Right Walking Yes
19. Reverse Punch Left Rev Low No
20. High Block / Punch Left/Right Kneeling No (Yell)
Bow Out (Victory, Humility, Respect)


Partner Blocking Drill

Set up: Sitting stance, facing each other
Right hand: Low Inward Block, Middle Block, Low Block
Repeat with left hand


Walking stance step forward/back each time you change sides

Parry / Trap / Strike

Attack: Right hand punch

Defence: LH Parry block
RH Wrist Grab

Self Defence


Atk: Right Leg Front Kick
Def: Right low section inward block
Right leg side kick to stomach
Step back right leg to guard.


Atk: Left Front Kick
Def: Start in passive guard
Step back right leg & low block left hand,
Bring hands to guarding stance,
Right front kick to groin.
Step out with right leg, left side kick to inside partners right leg
Step back with left leg to guard


Atk: Right Hand Punch
Def: Step with your left to 10:00 and do a left parry block.
Grab attackers wrist with your right hand
Right leg turning kick to attackers stomach (still holding hand)
Release hand and right leg axe kick