Earn VIP Draw Tickets!

1Invite a friend, give us their contact details

2Your VIP visits the school

3They take an intro class

4They enrol on a 30 day trial

5They enrol as a full member

Remember, if they enrol as a full member, you’ll also earn a £25 gift voucher!

Refer a friend..

By far the most successful way we meet new students is on the direct recommendation of our existing members. I’m sure everyone knows at least a couple of friends who they feel would benefit from joining us at the Academy.  All you need to do is ask!

Remember, for every friend you refer to the school you’ll earn yourself rewards as a VIP ambassador.  When you invite a friend, please be sure to let us know their contact details ASAP.  We need to know their name (or parents name for juniors), plus at least a phone number and email address.

It’s also very important to know that you’ve actually spoken to them first and so they know we’ll be in touch!  We really don’t want to ‘spam’ anyone, so do please ensure you’ve actually invited them first.

We’ve always got the little VIP contact information slips at the school, or you can use the form below to send us their info.