Our Goal is Black Belt Excellence

That doesn’t mean that every student has to be an elite athlete that can leap over a charging rhino or do the splits between two chairs!  It means we encourage the concept that the holder of a black belt represents a person with the highest personal standards, who others will look up to.  We believe that every student who enrols at our Academy has the potential to excel, and we encourage every student to set their sights on black belt as their first goal.

A black belt:

  • Holds themselves to the highest personal standards
  • Leads by example
  • Treats other with respect
  • Commands the respect of others by their actions
  • Shows modesty and humility
  • Holds themselves accountable for their own action
  • Is committed to self-improvement in all aspects of their lives.
  • Is the sort of person others aspire to be

Black Belt is just the beginning!

Achieving your black belt is a fantastic opportunity for any student to achieve, but it is by no means the end of your journey. It is like the moment a craftsman completes their apprenticeship, or a student graduates from university.  It’s the coming of age when your real journey begins…

Personal Development benefits all aspects of our lives.

The Korean word ‘Ilyo’ which forms part of our school’s name, means literally ‘Unity of Mind, Body, and Spirit’

We believe that to train the body, you first have to train the mind, and so we start with a strong base of  motivation, self discipline and confidence.

We aim to make all of our classes varied and to build a highly motivated atmosphere in which to learn the core skills, both mental and physical, to help you achieve your goals.

We are committed to the Japanese concept of ‘Kaizen’, which means ‘Constant Improvement’.  We realise that you cannot achieve perfection by short-cuts, but if you are fully committed to making small incremental improvements you will see a huge benefit to the quality of your life, and those of the people around you.

Our students develop the “Black Belt Attitude” of a highly successful, motivated and confident individual in all areas of their lives.

Japanese Kanji characters for KAIZEN

“A Black Belt will do today what others won‘t, so that tomorrow they can do what others can’t”