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Black Belt Status

You must remember that the rank of Black Belt is a status within the martial arts, and as such it only valid only whilst the holder maintains their regular martial arts training.  Failure to keep up regular training could result in the student’s rank being suspended.

Should the student stop actively training, their rank will be forfeit after 12 months of inactivity.

The holder of a Black Belt rank is expected to maintain their high standards and to uphold the reputation of the Academy, their Instructors and of the Martial Arts at all times.  If they do not, their rank could be suspended or revoked without notice. 

Black Belt Status / Reviews

ALL current Black Belts are expected to attend the grading examinations for a regular review.
This applies to candidates(black/red) , probationary and full black belt holders.

Black Belt Candidates

After promotion to Black Belt candidate, you must wait a minimum of six months and complete the full pre-grading process, but there is no maximum time before you apply for the final examination.

You can wait as long as you need until you are ready to apply, but you must attend each quarterly grading examinations for a formal progress review until your Black Belt examination.
You need to submit an application for this review as per a normal coloured belt grading, which includes a written personal appraisal.

Probationary Black Belts

Following the successful completion of the initial Black Belt test, their rank will initially be considered probationary for a period not less than 6, up to a maximum of 12 calendar months after their promotion.

The full black belt rank will only be awarded on completion of their first Black Belt review after this period.

During the probationary period the student is expected to maintain the same high standards and attendance (at least 75%) which they demonstrated prior to their testing and to attend each quarterly examination for a review of their progress.

If the candidate does not complete the probationary period satisfactorily their promotion will be cancelled and their rank will revert to candidate status.

Full Black Belts

All Black Belt members are required to undertake regular reviews of their progress.

The review consists of two parts:

  • A written self-appraisal of the dan grade’s current training progress, and a brief summary of their ongoing training goals.
  • They will attend a scheduled grading examination alongside the current adult experienced students where they will be assessed formally by the examiner to provide feedback on their technical progress.

All Black Belt holders must attend at least two reviews each year, regardless of their intention to test themselves. The scheduled reviews are normally held at the spring and autumn examinations as per the scheduled black belt examinations.

These dates are consistent every year and published many months in advance so absence due to “other engagements” is not considered a valid excuse for missing a review. If you know in advance that you will be unable to make a specific date then you must arrange for a review at another grading examination or seminar.

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