Student Ambassadors – Loyalty Rewards


This is just a holding page for now whilst we figure out all the details of how this is going to work!

Check back soon for more details of how you can earn points and our first rewards.

Our VIP prize draws at graduation are a bit of fun, but we’d like a better way to reward out most loyal and supportive students which gives them some guaranteed rewards, not just a chance in a draw. So we’re going to kick off the new year with a new ‘loyalty points’ system which will apply to all students.

You’ll be able to collect points for all kinds of things which show your loyalty and help support the academy, and in addition to the draw tickets you get now which give you a chance to win a prize at graduation, you’ll be able to collect points to earn guaranteed rewards, including things like equipment, gifts, free gradings and probably some other stuff I’ve not dreamed up yet (open to suggestions / requests). We’ll have a special page on the website to show your options soon..

Also, we’ll keep track of the points you earn through the quarter and the student(s) with the most points by graduation will automatically win a prize or two..

You’ll have lots of options for earning those loyalty points, including:

Attendance – you’ll get a point for every class attended, with a bonus every month for 100% attendance and a BIG bonus for 100% through the whole quarter.

Referrals (as per the draw tickets now), you’ll get points simply for the initial referral, but also bonus points if your VIP visits, takes a trial and a big bonus if they actually enrol

Reviews – leave us a 5* recommendation on FB or other review sites and you’ll earn points

Testimonials – Give us a nice testimonial for the website and you’ll earn points

Video Testimonials – If you’re brave enough to give us a nice video testimonial we can use on the site and social media we’ll give you some extra big bonus points!

Social Media –  Tag us in a post about your training, share the page etc. Anything which helps promote the school will earn points.

Get involved with our Discord chat rooms and the Academy discussion forum – earn points for getting involved in discussions and projects

Members who take an active part in the Academy ‘Power Team‘ personal development group will get a bonus ‘power up’ on their loyalty points..

This is just a starting point – as we get more ideas in the future we’ll add some more options, and hey if you suggest a great idea, we’ll even give you some points for that! Basically if it’s something which helps promote the academy, or represents some kind of contribution to helping your fellow students in some way then it’s likely to be worth including.

Watch this space!