Elite Performance Coaching

One of the most important aspects of the Black Belt Mindset is continual development. Always be learning.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training or what qualifications you have, there’s always more to learn, an in that spirit our Master Instructor has recently completed a coaching course with one of the U.K.’s top performance coaches, Miles Grant, and as a result is now an accredited ‘Elite Performance Coach’.

Today’s award was just the first step on the ladder, but Master Olpin is continuing to be mentored by Miles and over the next few weeks will be completing the full syllabus to ‘Master’ coach level.

This means, in addition to the mindset/personal development coaching offered to all our students as part of our Black Belt Training Course curriculum, he will be offering coaching and consultancy professionally to the wider community, with performance / life coaching available to anyone with a desire to achieve their maximum potential, whether in life, education, sports or the business world.