Hi folks. A quick request please….

Reporting Absence etc.

If you’re messaging to let us know about absence from class, can you please remember to do so via regular text message to 07973 368304 or email as they are the only things we’ll check at the school.

We check email / text before completing the register but please note that messages via any other method won’t get checked at the school and hence will likely result in a student be marked down as absent or late which will affect attendance records.

Personal Messages

Please refrain from using my personal Facebook messenger for anything relating to the Academy as I’d like to keep that for personal messages only.


One of my personal goals for this year is to really wean myself off unnecessary social media distractions, to the extent I’ve literally unfollowed *everything* on FB except my immediate family and closest friends and so I’d like to do the same with messages on here too.

Sadly, FB doesn’t allow people to have multiple accounts otherwise I’d have a separate one just for this group and the Academy page, but as that’s not feasible I’m just doing what I can to redress the balance a bit. Thanks for understanding!

If it’s urgent, please text, otherwise please send an email. Ta 🙂