Adult Classes

We’re open again for new beginners!

Hi folks

As we’re easing closer to the final Covid restrictions being lifted it’s time to resume something like our ‘normal’ schedule, hence our resumption of monday night adults classes.

Note:   Whilst we do advertise it as a ‘teens & adults’ class, this is open to any student of secondary school age and higher :-)

We’ll be resuming our ‘normal’ pre-covid schedule.  i.e.

  • 6:45 – 7:30pm – Adult beginners
  • 7:30 – 9:00om – Adult experienced.

As always, the experienced session will essentially be split into two parts, with the first 45 mins dedicated to the core syllabus training and the second part focused on the ‘masters’ topics, including the more conceptual and advanced topics which are not necessarily part of the grading examinations, but still considered essential syllabus for students from blue belt up.   That part may be a little restricted until the Covid contact precautions are lifted, but we have plans for some more technical / syllabus review sessions until then so we’re all good :-)

New beginners classes from Monday 5th July

Parents / Family / Friends – Why not give it a go?

We’ll be resuming our dedicated adult beginners classes from next Monday 5th July, so if we have any parents, family members or friends who are interested in getting started, this is your perfect opportunity to do so!

If you’re interested in coming along a chat and to see what our existing adults are up to, you’re welcome to visit any time this week, but do please get in touch first so we know to expect you :-)

With this class re-starting, it’ll be a brand new session, purely for the adult beginners only, so nobody will be thrown in the ‘deep end’, and you’ll also have a chance to train with the more experienced members in a combined session on Thursday evenings for some of the freestyle / kickboxing, bag & pad training drills too.  Later in the year as the new class grows and covid restrictions are lifted we’ll likely have a beginners only session on Thursdays again too.

If you’re interested, do please get in touch ASAP as we’re hoping to organise a couple of specific intro sessions for new members in the next couple of weeks, and as parents or family of existing members we have a special offer that’s not going to be open to anyone else, but that’ll only be for the next month whilst re

Special Membership Offer for Parents and Family Members

Any parents or adult family members joining the Academy during the next 30 days will not only get a free uniform, but also FREE enrolment.  That’s right, no enrolment fee, just a flat rate of £59/month, saving you approx £125.  If you prefer to pay in full for membership, which normally saves you about 20%, we’ll discount the normal pre-pay price by £100 too, so you win twice!

Please note, this special offer is for new members in our teens/adult classes only, and this will only apply for the next 30 days as we re-launch our beginners class. To qualify you need to complete your enrolment by the end of July, so please don’t delay, get in touch ASAP and let’s get you started :-)