Grading Results

Grading results are up on the site in the usual place.

Time to move up….?

The end of the quarter is always a busy one for student moving classes etc. and we have a few students ready to change class after this grading..

Little Ninjas – Moving up to Junior Martial Arts

Ninjas members will normally move up right after the graduation closest to their seventh birthday, or on completion of their second Little Ninjas membership, whichever comes first.  If you have any time remaining on your little ninjas membership this can be credited towards your new martial arts membership.

Black Belt Training Course

Green Belts – Moving to the experienced class.

Any student promoted to green belt is now qualified to move up to the experienced class immediately after their graduation.  No special considerations needed, just come to the class which starts right after the beginners session.

Juniors 11+ – when to move up to the Adult classes..

Although we advertise our adult classes for ‘teens & adults’, we do generally find that once the kids go to secondary school they’ll be ready to move up to the adult classes.

So, when your child moves to secondary school we’d definitely suggest you consider moving them up to the adult classes as they will provide a much more appropriate level of training for their developing maturity, and it will help their motivation which can start to wane if they feel they’re still ‘stuck’ with the little kids…

Please note also that in order to progress to Black Belt ranks, any student of 11 years or older will need to be training in the adult classes to cover the required training syllabus for their grading.

Junior black belt members are welcome to join the adult sessions at any time.