Q3 2021 – Escrima Sticks

Available NEXT WEEK £15/pair

The second most popular request from the kids since we got back to training (after when can we start sparring again?) has been *’can we do the sticks again this summer?’. *so who am I to refuse. The adults are doing **Escrima** again this quarter so makes sense for the kids to as well.
It’s great fun, and when we can get out on the field and take advantage of all the extra space it’s the best time to do them, so to save on postage etc for everyone I’ve ordered a box for next week and will have plenty for all those who don’t already have a set.
Don’t panic!Obviously for the kids, these are the squidgy foam ones, so perfectly safe to use with supervision.
Junior Black Belt members are welcome to use wooden escrima for demos or when training with the adults or other black belts, but will still need to use the foam ones for pairwork with the lower grades.
If you need some, they’re £15 a pair (or £8 each if you ever need a replacement). Cash only please as cheques are a pain at the moment as I have to drive to Stroud to pay them in now.