Half term this week so I guess a few people will be away. A polite reminder though please – let us know in advance of class when you’re away.
It’s important that we’ve got the register marked up accurately for every class. This isn’t because we’re checking up on you – it’s very important for health & safety.
Imagine if the fire alarm went off at class change over time. We need to account for all the students, and if they’re not marked on the register as away then potentially we’re having to search the school for students who aren’t even on school property!
This applies to ALL students in all classes and is a condition of your membership so do please make every effort to let us know when you’re not coming to class.
Please text to 07973 368304 before class time as we check this when marking off the register.
Please don’t use Facebook etc. for important messages as this won’t be checked at the school.