Grading – Sunday 24th March

A reminder of grading times for Sunday:
– 10:00 Junior beginners
– 11:00 Junior Experienced

– 12:30 All Adults

Grading should finish around 2pm

As always, all students are encouraged to attend to assist and encourage those grading, Black Belts and candidates should always be leading by example!

Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time, as we have a firm rule that if you arrive late for a grading, you will not be permitted to enter the examination.

Annual Awards 2023

Congratulations to Simon Oxenham for his Special Award, and Arlo Williams for Student of the Year 2023. Very well deserved gents!

Hey team,

As mentioned at graduation, We are going to place an order for some more hoodies and t-shirts, our usual design with the big logo on the back.

They’ll be available in plain black or grey, or the nice ‘varsity’ style with the red lining to the hood as shown here, and either pullover or zip-up styles. Once again we’ll also have a special ‘team’ zoodie available just for our Black Belt members (including candidates) with the red stripes on the sleeves too:

For more examples please take a look on the website at:

Please note: We won’t be ordering a lot of extras for stock as that is prohibitively expensive. These will be available by pre-order only.

The deadline for this order will be
Thurs 23rd November. 

If you want one, please don’t leave it and assume we’ll have spares as I don’t expect to be ordering a load of extras for stock as that’s got to come out of my own pocket and I’ve got stung before with a load of shirts hanging around for month!We’ll have order forms in class.

Please note: we no longer accept cheques for gradings / equipment sales simply as we have to drive to Gloucester to pay them in…  But we can take card/contactless payments (or cash, obv) at the school.


Summer Break


Our summer break is coming up in a couple of weeks, so a couple of quick reminders before then…


I’m planning on being pretty much off-grid during that time for some much needed R&R, so likely won’t be responding to any emails or messages until the 29th.

Adults Training Session – Tuesday 29th

As always on a bank holiday week, we’ll not be in on the monday, but will have an extra open training session for the adults on Tuesday from 8-9pm after the kids classes.

Junior Black Belt Applications

Please remember, the absolute deadline for applications is Thu 31st, and late applications will not be accepted. If you miss that deadline, you’ll have to wait for the next grading so please don’t leave them to the last minute.

Remember, all goals etc must be discussed and agreed in advance of the application. Your training plans etc will depend on those goals, so it’s essential you discuss these with us before the break as I won’t be around to do so during the two weeks we’re off!

Black Belt Applications

As mentioned in the news email after graduation, we’ve shifted our autumn Black Belt grading to december, so if we have any current junior members wishing to be assessed this year, the deadline for applications is fast approaching!


Applications Due by 31st August
Juniors (11-15): Applications must be agreed and submitted by end of August. Pre-grading assessment phase is September-November.
I highly recommend you get these sorted before our summer break (14th-28th August) as I will NOT be available during that time to deal with admin) and it’s important to remember that goals etc. must be agreed in advance and training plans submitted WITH your application so don’t leave them to the last moment!

MARCH 2024

Adults: Application deadline end August
Juniors: Applications due in November
Remember – if you’re looking to test for black belt, we expect YOU to take the initiative and be pro-active about your application etc. we don’t expect to have to chase up black belts!

Grading Results June 2023

43 students assessed in total


  • 31 BBTC students were promoted
  • 10 ‘A’ passes, 10 ‘+’ passes
  • 7 students achieved ‘A+’ – WELL DONE!!
  • 3 students with ‘L’ passes (see instructor for advice on what’s expected at next grading)
  • 3 eligible students did not apply for the grading
  • 3 students did not attend due to other commitments and were awarded baseline promotions based on pre-grading week assessments only.
    (Please note: A/+ grades are only available to those who attend the final session or book a private grading)


  • 12 Little Ninjas promoted this time
  • 2 ninjas invited to move up to Juniors early


A little reminder folks -If you’re hoping to test in September, then you have a week to get your applications in – the deadline for completed applications is the end of May.

Don’t forget that goals etc. must be agreed in advance and training plans submitted WITH your application!