Graduation – Stars / Certificates

Cut-off date
Could we please remind everyone that the cut-off for stars/certificates etc. is the last lesson before the grading as the plan is always to do all the admin for graduation on the Monday morning after the grading.
If your child has collected either four stars of one colour, or one star of each colour then they can get a certificate for their achievement, but you’ll need to let us know as above as they won’t be issued automatically.

Stars for Attendance
Sometimes we’ll have people query attendance stars citing they’ve attended ‘nearly all the classes’ but please remember these are are for really outstanding attendance, so the criteria is that a student has attended 90% or more of classes – including the grading examination and graduation events.
Late arrivals (without prior agreement) will only be counted as half a session, and the graduation event counts as two sessions so these will often have an impact on eligibility.