Facebook Messenger

Can I please remind people to please refrain from using FB messenger to contact me for anything relating to the Academy as I won’t see the messages!

Other than to access this group and to admin the Academy page, I don’t use my personal FB for anything ‘work’ related at all, and I want to keep that as the one space which is reserved purely for my closest friends and family. As such I have the privacy settings set to only allow messages through from a very small list of people.

If you’ve sent something and it looks like I’ve not seen it or read it, that’s because I haven’t! If you’re not on that list, the messages will go off to some kind of Facebook black hole and I won’t see them.

Please don’t take it personally!
It’s really not – but for all kinds of reasons I do need to keep my personal life separate from my coaching etc.Also, because of both safeguarding guidelines and my Police role I am expected to be quite strict with social media etc., hence why I don’t add students or other coaching clients to my friends list unless we are actually friends socially outside of the Academy.

There are plenty of other ways to contact me.For most Academy things, email is preferable (please remember to use an appropriate subject rather than simply replying to some old irrelevant mail!).

When reporting absence from class, please remember that the only messages which will get checked at the school are regular text messages or emails to the Academy account, both of which I check before classes begin.

Ta!Master O.