Hi folks, a little update to my previous request from a couple of months back about sending messages to the school.

So this morning I’ve received not one, but four messages to my personal Facebook account, all relating to absences from the school last night. Note – I’ve only read them this morning, not last night, so those students will have simply been marked as absent.

I did ask nicely a few times previously, but please, once again, note that I do not check Facebook messages at the school, only phone, SMS or email, and so any messages about absence via Facebook etc. will NOT get noted in advance of class and you’ll simply be marked as not present.

This will affect attendance records when it comes to junior stars etc.

No apologies for this – Please go back and read my previous request, from 2nd Feb (posted on the Academy noticeboard here )

It’s nothing personal folks, but I’m trying really hard to create some separation between my private life and ‘work’ related things and it’s hard to do so when people don’t respect boundaries. So, please don’t take it personally, but rather than have this conversation multiple times, I’m going to do the simplest thing and simply lock down my Facebook messenger to close personal friends and family only.

Please don’t be offended by that, I’d still love to hear from you, but please, no Academy related stuff on my personal account, thanks.. When it comes to urgent messages about the school, please use one of the noted methods only. Thanks.