So often we hear from parents who tell us that their child ‘has loads of energy, I just wish she’d focus it better‘ or ‘He’s a lovely lad, but he really needs to concentrate more’.  

Or how about the nearly extinct art of good manners? We parents understand that to respect others we must first respect ourselves. So we hunt for ways to instill that hard-to-catch mix of self-confidence balanced by humility.

According to doctors, specifically The American Academy of Pediatriciansmartial arts may be the answer for your child. Here are 6 benefits these Doctors say children receive from martial arts.


Kids Martial Arts

  1. Better social skills
  2. Discipline
  3. Respect
  4. Focus and Concentration
  5. Improved fine motor skills
  6. Self-confidence

I’m sure we’d all agree than even just one of these would be a great benefit, but knowing that they are ALL improved by the practice of martial arts is amazing!

How about a couple more though as well?

7.  Martial arts is fun!

8.  Children who train in the martial arts gain a really positive peer group

This one is really important.  We are all naturally influenced by the people we spend a lot of time with, and if those people are naturally more positive, committed, polite and respectful then that’s a great group for your child to associate with! If you care about improving yourself, or providing better role models for your child, then you want to spend most of your time with others who are committed to do the same.  Enrolling in a martial arts class is a great way to do that :-)

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