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Monday ‘A’ Night
Experienced Juniors + All Adults
Junior Beginners ‘A’ Class
Tuesday – Kickboxing
All Students
Q2 W1
29th Mar – 5th Apr
Intro to quarterly goals

Training with limited space

Start positions

Warm Up: Four Corners

Basics – Start Positions

Star Blocks – TKD style

Striking Tools

Warm Up: 10 Rounds

Core Kickboxing Techniques

Combis – Hands Only
Combis – Hands & Feet

Virtual Pad Drills

Q2 W2
6-13th Apr
Warm Up: 10×10
Introduction to Won Hyo

Techniques / Combinations
for Won Hyo

Leg Strength Drills

Warm Up: 10×10

TKD Basics – Review start positions

Striking Tools – Parts of the hand

Patterns: Intro to Universal 2

Warm Up: 7-minute workout

Basic combis
Kicking Drills

Q2 W3
13-19th Apr
Warm Up: “Double Drop”
Core: Stances / Reaction
Counter Attacks
Combinations for Won Hyo

Leg Strength Drills

Warm Up: “Double Drop”

Basics: Adding counter attacks
Obverse / Reverse techniques
Stance changes

Punching Set

Universal 3

Warm Up: 4 Rounds

Basic combos
Distancing – types of stepping
Footwork / Kicking
Virtual Pad Drills

Q2 W4
20-26th Apr
Warm Up: Four Corners
Basics: Striking Tools
Twin & Double techniques
Won Hyo – full pattern in limited space
Warm Up: Four Corners

Basics: extending counters -> Combos

Combos: Intro to combos for Q2

Patterns: Universal 3

Warm Up: 10->1

Basic combos
Combos – Close range
Footwork / Kicking

Q2 W5
27th Apr – 3rd May
More striking tools

Kicking Drills

Leg Strength (multi-kick balance)

Warm Up: 10×10

Basics: Star Blocks – TKD Style
Punching Set

Patterns: Universal 2

Leg raises / Balance / Double Kicks / Leg Strength Combo

Warm Up: 10 Rounds

Basic hand combos

Self-defence combos

Legs – switch step / kicks

Q2 W6
4th – 10th May
Warm Up: 10->1 DIY Drop Set

Dynamics of Combinations
Star Blocks / Punching Set
Twin / Double Techniques
Combinations for Won Hyo

Warm Up: 10->1 DIY Drop Set

Basics: Twin/Double moves – exploring start positions
Basic Kicks
Combos: 3 combos for Q2

Your challenge: Make a combo and send it to me

Warm Up – Ten Rounds-revenge!

Combos – Multi-strikes same hand

Combos – Kicks/Stepping

Linking combos – Set 2 (distancing)

Q2 W7
11th – 17th May
Warm Up: Double Drop

Basics: Rationale, why we do them
Covering sections high/mid/low/in/out
Won Hyo
Advanced kick combos in place

Warm Up: Double Drop

Basics: Different sections for blocks

Kicks: Show distinct kicks

Patterns: Universal 2

Warm Up: 7 Min Workout

Basic hand combis
Kicks – Front/back leg combos
Combis – Hand / feet

Linking combos – Set 1 (Self def)

Q2 W8
18th – 24th May
Warm Up: 10’s

Basics: Dynamic Techniques
Exploring each start position
Paired Techniques
Dynamic Moves in Won Hyo
Leg Strength

Warm Up: 4×4

Basics: Get some snap in your moves

Paired techniques

Patterns: Universal 2 (Dynamic moves)

• Warm Up: 10 -> 1
• Footwork & Kicking
• Thai Style Elbows
• Linking Combo Set 2
• Panantukan (Dirty Boxing) style combo
Q2 W9
25th – 30th May
Warm Up: Four Corners

Focus on 2-step sparring
Basics used in 2-step
Virtual 2-step

Q2 W10
1st-7th June
Warm Up – PYO 10→1

Focusing today on 3-Step Sparring
A reminder of Won Hyo
Punching set combinations

Warm Up: 10->1, your choice

Adding punch/kick combos as counters
Kicking combos
Universal 2

Q2 W11
8th-14th June
Q2 W12
15th-21st June
Q2 W13
22nd-28th June