Exciting plans afoot for our experienced students (green+) in our ‘Masters’ training sessions.

Our plan is to expand upon the varied topics we typically study in Masters and make them a more formal part of the curriculum to include more information and lots of new training drills from other martial arts styles etc.

We already do this occasionally when we have a quarter using the Eskrima for example, but in future the plan is to have a specific theme like that each quarter.  It won’t take anything away from our traditional Taekwondo training, rather it will just provide a bit more focus to the Masters sessions or Thursday night freestyle classes.

Next quarter we’ll start the ball rolling with another look at the Philippino Kali style training, with the Eskrima sticks etc.  ongoing, the plan is to develop at least 12 modules which means all students from green belt on will get to go through all of the topics at least once on their path to Black Belt.

Some of the topics we’re already planning will include:

  • Kali / Eskrima
  • Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning
  • Hapkido – locks, armbars, takedowns etc.
  • Muay Thai
  • Filipino ‘Dirty’ Boxing
  • KEWAP / Weapons Defence
  • Pressure Points / TCM
  • Creative Forms
  • Advanced Self Defence
  • and more…

That’s just a few ideas for starters, and we’re totally up for special requests too so if you’ve got anything you’d like us to consider just let us know!