Life Coaching

At the Academy we have a very holistic approach to our training, with an emphasis on all-round personal development.

Our focus on the ‘Black Belt Mindset’ which one strives to be the best the can in all aspects of their lives, has a scope well beyond the martial arts, and will benefit anyone with a desire to maximise their potential and to develop areas such as confidence, motivation, focus, productivity, leadership, assertiveness, mastery and much more…

Our master instructor, Richard Olpin is more than just a martial arts coach, he is a certified Elite Performance Coaching ‘Master Coach’, accredited by the IAPC&M, he integrates much of this into our
programmes, but for those who want to delve deeper he can offer individuals a range of personal coaching ranging from a single clarity’ session to help take stock of your current position, through to programmes from 12 weeks to 12 months of focus, strategy, productivity and personal accountability to help to regain control of your life plan, whether in your personal life, career path or business development.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch via the form below and we’ll arrange a call where you can discuss your options and book a free 45-minute clarity call with Richard to get the ball rolling.

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