Ilyokwan Yudanja

Black Belt Registry

Black Belt is an honorary status held upon merit, not a trophy to simply be collected. As such it must be earned, and then maintained.

Black Belt status within the Ilyo Mu Do Kwan is only conferred upon those students who, after demonstrating the requirements of the Black Belt examination, maintain their active participation in the martial arts, and hold a current membership of the Academy. They are required to submit for a review of their standards twice per calendar year.

If a student is not in regular training, or fails to submit for a review, their Black Belt status will expire.

Any person not listed on this site may not be a registered Black Belt with the Ilyo Mu Do Kwan / Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy, so if you have any queries or information about any person not listed here claiming to be a black belt within the Academy, please contact us for confirmation.

† Honorary Life Members

‡ Recently returned to training therefore completing a probationary period

⌘ Suspended, pending review – inactive for less than 12 months

#1 Suspended, did not complete probationary period

Current Black Belt Members

NameRankStatusCertificate No
Master Richard Olpin7th DanFounder & Chef InstructorES60002A (GIMA)
UK-5-1 (U-ITF)
Mrs Shirley Williamson4th DanCurrent †
Senior Instructor
Mr Robert Hirst3rd DanCurrent †2018-12-A-01
Miss Shona Thornhill3rd DanCurrent †
Mr Toby Coulsting2nd DanCurrent
Assistant Coach
Mr James Martin Sinclair1st DanCurrent †2012-09-A-01
Mr Robert Standen1st DanCurrent2009-03-A-01
Mr Felix Pratt1st Dan (Junior)Current2020-03-A-02

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Full Black Belt Registry

Award DateCertificateNameRankStatus
Nov 2013Master Richard Olpin7th DegreeFounder
Chief Instructor
Life member
Sept 20212021-03-A-01Toby Coulsting2nd DanCurrent
2020-03-J-03Felix Pratt1st Dan (Junior)Current
2020-03-J-02Henry Veale1st Dan (Junior)Suspended
March 20192019-03-A-02Toby Coulsting1st DanCurrent
2019-03-A-01Shirley Williamson4th DanCurrent
Senior Instructor
2019-03-J-01Grace Munyard1st Dan (junior)Expired
Dec 20182018-01-J-01Robert Hirst3rd Dan)Current
Sep 20182018-09-J-01Bryn Howells1st Dan (Junior) Withdrawn (probation not completed)
2017-03-A-02Annie Traynor1st DanExpired
Mar 20162016-03-J-01Jack Callinan1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2016-03-J-02Thomas Munyard1st Dan (Junior)Expired
Mar 20152015-03-A-01Shirley Williamson3rd DanCurrent
2015-03-A-02Rory Powell1st DanExpired
2015-03-J01PJake Knott1st Dan (Junior)Expired
Mar 20142014-J-3-01Robbie Hirst2nd Dan (Junior)Current
2014-J-3-02Dillon Callinan1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2014-J-3-03Harvey Smith1st Dan (Junior)Expired
Nov 2013ES60002A (G.I.M.A)Master Richard Olpin6th DegreeFounder
Sep 20122012-J-9-01Jack Costello1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2012-J-9-02Esme Harper-Coles1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2012-A-9-02Mrs Shirley Williamson2nd DanCurrent
2012-A-9-01Mr James Martin Sinclair1st Dan †Current †
2012-A-9-03Mr Stuart Davison2nd DanExpired
20112011-J-01Jack Costello1st Dan (Junior)Deferred
2011-J-02Esme Harper Coles1st Dan (Junior)Deferred
2011-J-03Holly Timbrell1st Dan (Junior)Cancelled (probation not completed)
Sep 20102010-J-9-01Eleanor Davison1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2010-J-9-02Robbie Hirst1st Dan (Junior)Current
Mar 20102010-A-3-01Stewart Davison1st DanExpired
2010-A-3-01Mrs Shirley Williamson1st DanCurrent
Mar 20092009-03-A-01Rob Standen1st DanCurrent
2009-03-J-01Keira Madden1st Dan (Junior)Expired
Sep 20072007-09-A-01Tim Workman1st Dan
2007-09-J-01Callum Priestley1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2007-09-J-02Jack Evans1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2007-09-J-03Ryan Smith1st Dan (Junior)Expired
Sep 20062006-09-A-01Kelly Dimery2nd Dan †Current †
2007-09-A-02Alan Viveash1st DanExpired
2006-09-A-03Andrew Wheeler1st DanCurrent
Sep 20052005-09-A-01Shona Thornhill3rd Dan †Current †
Sep 20042004-09-A-01Kelly Dimery1st DanExpired
2004-09-J-01John Arundell1st DanExpired
2004-08-01 UK-5-1Richard Olpin5th Dan UITFAwarded by Grandmaster K.S. Hwang (K-9-1)
Mar 20042004-03-A-01Emma Walton1st DanExpired
2004-03-A-02Claire Clifton-Coles1st DanExpired
Apr 20032003-04-A-01Vicci Akers1st DanExpired
2003-04-A-02Darcy Collins2nd DanExpired
Oct 20022002-10-A-01Robert Miles1st DanExpired
2002-10-A-02David Workman1st DanExpired
2002-10-J-01Shona Thornhill2nd Dan (Junior)Current
Oct 20012001-10-A-01Darcy Collins1st DanExpired
20012001-06-A-01Pete Dunn1st DanExpired
May 2000BB0028 (GTI)Kathy Lane1st DanExpired
BB0027 (GTI)Francesca Lane1st DanCurrent
2000BB0009 (GTI)Shona Thornhill1st Dan (Junior)Current