The dragon represents the wisest and most powerful creature in oriental mythology. The goal in our adults martial arts at the Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy is to follow that example as people.

Our unique training syllabus features a blending of both traditional and contemporary martial arts that offers you not only an effective self defence program, but means for a personal development, character development and self discipline.

With this formula for success you will be able to handle the constant pressures of everyday living more easily.

The Ilyokwan syllabus’ progressive style of martial arts training will provide you with a comprehensive course based on the Korean Martial Art of Taekwon-do, the most popular Martial Art in the world today!
In addition to our core skills from Taekwondo, you will also learn effective street self defence techniques and skills to help you with the psychology of a confrontation.

In advanced stages of training senior students may choose to learn how to use traditional martial arts weapons, both as an art form and in practical application.