Check Your Timezone Settings!

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Richard Olpin
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Omnipresent Forum Being
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Check Your Timezone Settings!

Post by Richard Olpin »

If you look in your profile, on the "Board Settings" page you'll see a setting for the time zone. It seems that on a few accounts it's set incorrectly (probably due to the recent board upgrade).

In the new board format there is a seperate setting for daylight saving time which didn't exist before.

For the brits you should set it to "[UTC] Western European Time, Greenwich Mean Time", for everyone else you'll obviously need to select your local timezone.


Oh, and thanks to John for pointing it out!
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John Green
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The 100 club
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Re: Check Your Timezone Settings!

Post by John Green »

Remember to choose "Yes" for "Summer Time/DST is in effect", too!
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