Adult Classes on Thursdays

Had a couple of questions about timing of the thursday sessions for adults, and the schedule needs updating again to reflect what we actually do now as when we originally shifted back to ou pre-covid schedule we didn’t really originally expect everyone to show up, in reality 95% of the experienced students always turn up for the whole session :-)

So, ongoing we’ll assume that basically, it’s ALL adults from 7:30, experienced only from 8:15. It’s been working out really well like that and it means you can get a lot more training in and we can cover a lot more interesting stuff later on. The first session will still concentrated on foundation level training appropriate to all members, and then the beginners will leave at 8:15 and we’ll focus on the more advanced / fusion topics in the later one.


Important Note: If you’re one of the very small minority who only turn up at 8:15, then please be aware, we’re not going to stop and to another warm-up, so we’d ask you to get in 10 minutes earlier and warm yourselves up, or, better still, just show up at 7:30 with everyone else! 😉