The Success Cycle

Building confidence and Momentum though daily habits.

This video is the first of a planned series of mindset ‘fundamentals’, which introduces an absolutely key principle to help develop confidence and motivation to get more done.

The basic concept here is that every time we feel successful, we get to feel good about ourselves, and naturally we like that feeling so we want to repeat the behaviour which enabled us to feel that way.  We call this the ‘success cycle’ or success feedback loop.

The basic idea is that we take action, we leads to results, getting those results makes us feel successful, which leads to the motivation to repeat the behaviour to enable us feel that way again, hence taking more action and the cycle repeats.

The video is about 15 minutes and I hope you’ll find it interesting.  Any questions, fire away in Discord or the forum and I’ll do my best to fill in the gaps for you.

Take a look on this page and you’ll find a few samples I made of printable habit tracking worksheets.  Hope they’re useful. Would love to see any examples or ideas that you come up with for your own!