Quite a lot of people sent me a message to say they want to join the Ilyo Power Team, but so far only a handful of those have actually followed up on my welcome message to actually get involved… ;-)

This is very much one of those ‘you need to be in it to win it’ kind of things, as the real benefits come from the mutual support and motivation of being part of the group.

Make a HUGE difference in as little as five minutes / day!

You might *think* that getting involved in something like this takes up too much time, but I can pretty much guarantee that the opposite is true.

Learning a little about motivation, confidence and productivity will almost certainly result in you gaining far more quality productive time in your day, and you really could get the ball rolling in as little as five minutes a day (or less!).

Black Belt Mindset is a key principle of the Academy

As I’ve mentioned previously, as we get back to training for the New Year we are really going to raise our focus on developing the Black Belt Mindset as that benefits all aspects of our training, and life in general.
 Our goal is the see all of our students raise their game and their attitude in their training, not just for an hour at the grading! It’s fair to say that the Power Team will be leading by example.

This isn’t just for our Students!

Of course it’s not just for the students! Partners, parents and friends are all welcome to join the team as this is all about personal development in general, including Mindset, Positivity, Habits and Strategies, all aimed at personal growth and really getting the best out of life, whatever you focus on.
That being said, our students will definitely benefit from getting involved, and for those senior grades approaching the red and black belt levels, developing some of the personal development techniques around habits, confidence, and motivation will be hugely beneficial for your black belt development and you really should be getting involved!
It’s been great to see a few of the team hitting the ground running. A great example from Mr Coulsting checking in from his holiday break in Wales on New Years day, and Mr Truman and Mr I’Anson both off to a good start too :-)
Even though I’m supposed to be on holiday, I’ve been beavering away, not just with the video posts etc. but also making lots of useful downloads etc. for the team. I’ve added a new section to the website just for Power Team members, and you’ll find the password for that on Discord and in the Power Team section of the forum… (see what I did there? ;-) ).
A little reminder though, we’re deliberately keeping all the Power Team discussions away from Facebook for all kinds of reasons, not least the lure of social media distractions. It’s all happening here on on our website, forum and Discord chat.
All you need to know is just a click to two away:
Remember, you have to be in it to win it!