The news you’ve been waiting for!

Great news!

We’re back to class next week :-)

Hi folks,

So here’s the promised follow-up we’ve been waiting for.  We’ve had confirmation that the Government’s roadmap is on track and so we can resume the majority of our classes from next week :-)

All the details are in the video so do please watch it all the way though (it’s about 10 mins)..

Key points:

  • From next week we can resume our junior classes, and also *some* adult training, with strict restrictions. Basically all the under 18’s no problem at all.  Family members of junior students can train too. All other adults will be strictly individual training only with no contact allowed.  I’ll be in touch with those affected individually to confirm details.
  • For the most part right now, classes will be on the same basis as they were before xmas, with some restrictions around contact for the kids, and strict distancing requirements for the adults.  We are very hopeful this will be a very temporary measure and as soon as we have confirmation from the BMABA that their RTP document has been accepted we’ll be able to resume most partner based drills.
  • Unfortunately we still can’t have spectators in class (likely until after June when social restrictions will be lifted)
  • We’ll have a temporary schedule in place, at least until the next key date when adult classes are allowed to resume properly (mid May at the earliest))

Temporary Schedule:

We’re going to do something similar to the previous lockdown, in that initially we’ll have just the tuesday/thursday evenings which cover the vast majority of the classes. Until we can resume the full adult classes we’ll have an adult session after the kids on Tuesdays in lieu of the usual Monday night classes.

18:15-18:45 Little Ninjas
18:45:19:30 Junior Beginners
19:30-20:15 Junior Experienced
20:15-21:00 Adults

18:15-19:00  Junior Beginners
19:00-19:45 Junior Experienced
20:00-21:00 All Adults

That’s all for now.

REALLY looking forward o seeing everyone next week

As always if you have any questions or I can help with anything, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email, any time.