We’ve just had an update from the BMABA about the situation with the ‘Return to Play’ policies which enable us to get back to (almost) normal training..

Suffice to say, we’ve now had written confirmation that the British Taekwondo Council RTP document I mentioned in my video update HAS been approved, so as our base style is TKD we’re covered by that, and it seems that the Kickboxing and MMA ones submitted by the BMABA will be too, which essentially covers all our typical training activities.

What this means in simple terms is that we are allowed to resume contact drills within the framework of the government roadmap, so the kids (all <18) can get back to pairwork, bags/pads and sparring right away when we return to class next week, and those parents who train will be covered by this too. As mentioned previously, those adults (18+) who are parents of junior members will be allowed to train too as they are part of the same family 'bubble', though as I understand it they will only be permitted to do contact drills with their family members and need to maintain distancing otherwise, but I'll get clarification on this. One we reach the next milestone on the govt roadmap, at present not before 19th May, we can resume normal contact drills among the adult (18+) members too. Until that point they can only train on an individual basis with social distancing in place. I'm sure that's a small compromise we can all live with in the interest of getting back to class ASAP! :-)

So there we are, this is just the BEST news we could’ve had. :-)

Really looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday.