Your Questions Answered

Monday 11th May 2020


Mr Truman sent me a question about the start position for the side punches in Won Hyo:
I have a questions if I may.

Its on Won Hyo, and the side punch after the knifehand strike, on each
of the 4 rounds of this three move group, I hope that makes sense!

If I take the first set after the Start position, after the twin arm
block my left hand is by my right shoulder and my right hand is out in
the knifehand strike. From this position I am then punching forward to
the side punch, but it feels wrong. Should I move my left hand back to
my left hip as a start position then do the side punch. Very similar to
in Dan Gun when you drop your hand from the double block before the
punch to head. I think you mentioned about this in one for the first
videos but I can’t find the correct section.

 Great question, and here’s my answer:

I love getting questions like this, so feel free to ask away, and I have to say, it sure was nice to hear from one of the adults!