The Seven Minute Workout

This is the workout that we often use in class as a warm-up.  It was originally published in the Washington post

One set is ideal as a warm-up, but if you want a proper workout, repeating the circuit three times will be even more effective!

On the right you can download a printable sheet with all the exercises on →

Below is a handy video from LifeHack with all the exercises and the timing on screen for you.

(That’s a great web site by the way, highly recommend you check it out!)

Download the PDF worksheet

According a study published in the American College of Science and Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal, the combination of aerobic and resistance training performed at a high-intensity can be extremely effective.

Here’s another workout video for the first one, it’s great and a bit more high energy but this one’s got some rather ‘colourful’ lyrics in the music so definitely NOT FOR THE KIDS!