Lockdown, day 1….  

Our online training page is now live, with an initial (very long, sorry!) video introduction from me.

Make sure you bookmark this page:

Now do please bear with me, it’s going to take a few days to find my feet with this video / online stuff.  As I discovered over the weekend it took a LOT longer to put together than I’d initially hoped. Rest assured though I’m on the case, and whilst it’ll be a little rough around the edges initially, as I get some routines and make some templates to so things easier that’ll get better.

I’ll have a post up tomorrow for our Little Ninjas and hopefully one for our Junior beginners. It may be weds before I can get the first one together for the experienced members, but rest assured I’ll get plenty of content in there to cover your training for the next week or so.

Of course, this week should be our graduation week, so on thursday I’ll include a video talking a little bit about promotions for this quarter, and what our junior black belt candidates will be doing this coming weekend for the finishing touches on their Black Belt gradings.