CV Update – 19th March – Classes Suspended

It will come as no surprise to anyone that with the recent announcements from the government, and the closure of all schools tomorrow, we have to suspend our classes for a while. Whilst we have no idea how long these restrictions will be in place, it is likely to be a few weeks, but of course we’re all playing it by ear.

But, the key thing is we’re all in this together right now, and it’s essential we all support one another through these challenging times.

So, what’s the immediate plan?

Well, for certainty we’ll have no classes at the school for at least the next two weeks. With the majority of people practising ‘social distancing’ and ‘self isolation’ this covers the recommended time when anyone currently infected will likely show any symptoms.

We don’t know of anyone connected to our Academy, or to Cam Everlands School with any links to Coronavirus, a large number of our students have told us they are in self-isolation as a precaution already, and many others (myself included) have vulnerable relatives at home so we need to take every precaution.

It’s highly likely that government recommendations will extend this time, maybe even a couple of months, which is a pain, but rest assured, even if we can’t meet up in person that doesn’t stop us training!

We obviously need to adapt to the challenges around us, but that’s one of the first principles of a martial artist, to be able to adapt, react and stay strong, right?

Guided Personal Training

In the short-term, while we settle into the reality of this social exclusion, which is essential for EVERYONE to slow down the spread of this virus, we’ll be sending out some simple training tips and lesson plans for you to do some training at home.   I’m going to make a special online lessons section on the website for these and will email with details over the weekend.

It’s really important we all keep as fit & healthy as we can during this time, and I strongly suggest you try to at least use the time you’d normally come to class to work through my suggested ‘workout of the day’.

These will initially be focussing on some basic fitness training and simple core skills which will be relevant to all students whatever level, but I’ll be adding in some more advanced topics for the more experienced members ASAP.   These are going to be useful resources even when we’re all back to normal so I’m actually quite excited to crack on with them.

Ongoing, I will also be posting some videos up with myself discussing some advanced training concepts and hope to be able to arrange some ‘live’ video sessions on YouTube or Facebook where I can respond to your questions and discuss some more advanced topics in depth.  I’d love to hear some suggestions and requests from you guys to get started on those.

I’m going to add a load more training resources, kids activities and other hints and tips to the website which we’ll reference as we go.

Parents – I’m going to encourage you to spend a bit of time when your kids would normally be training encouraging them to do their drills, even wear their uniform to keep them in the loop and keep them occupied. Have some fun with it!   I’ll do the hard work with the planning, you can just read out the exercises, maybe we’ll have some fun and do some video clips and share them in the Facebook group eh?


Please keep everything running as normal. We’ve measures in place to ensure nobody will miss out.

If you’re on monthly billing with DFC they are of course well aware of the situation, and quite naturally taking steps to ensure everyone is looked after.

We will be informing them of our plans first thing tomorrow and regardless of whether this disruption lasts a month, two or even longer, every student will get a minimum 3 month extension to their membership when they renew.  And bonuses well in excess of any time missed.  That’s my absolute guarantee This will be automatic, and you’ll not need to do anything.  This will be the case even if we’re back training next month. It’s just my way of saying thanks to everyone for their continued support during this very difficult time.

Please remember, this isn’t just a hobby or social ‘club’ to me, coaching is my full time job, so it’s only with the ongoing support of our members that I can get through this with my sanity intact. Every other professional martial arts school/gym/club etc. is in the same boat right now, and it’s only with the common sense and continued support of their members that we can keep this thing in check.

Trust me though, we WILL get through it, and come out the other side with everyone stronger for it!

Now we know that other small businesses all over will be really struggling during this time too, but we can ALL try to support them by not panicking, and doing our best to continue using their services as much as possible during this isolation. 

I plan to be working flat out during this period of madness and social exclusion to bring you loads of useful information, training tips and online coaching opportunities, both directly from myself, the other black belts, and the best of others I can find online.

Turning this challenge into an opportunity

Rather than let it get me down I’m going to turn that energy around and raise my game to a whole new level and I’d encourage you all to do the same. We need to support each other right now and the more you get involved in our online community, on Facebook, the Academy forum and Discord, the more you’ll get back in return.  Let’s all pull together and kick this thing into touch!


I’m also going to be really focussing on my personal development, health & fitness training. And I’d love you to join me in that commitment!

At least we can still get out in the fresh air right?  And for sure as the weather improves we should at least be able to meet up for some outdoor training sessions quite safely.

Stay strong team, follow the official advice, look after yourselves and your loved ones.
Keep in touch, we’ve got this!

As always if you have any questions or I can help with anything, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email, any time.

Kind regards,

Master O.