Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers:

As you know, it’s not permitted to wear jewellery in class (with the exception of a wedding ring) for obvious reasons, including watches. We do however make an exception for sports bands worn specifically for the purpose of tracking exercise..However, we do need to clarify what is appropriate, and when they can be used:

What can you wear?
  • Wrist bands must be an appropriate sports band type, suitable for use in physical activities. i.e. small/subtle and with no sharp edges etc. See the picture for an example
  • Large/chunky sports watches are *not* appropriate
  • Children’s novelty ‘smart watches’ are not appropriate
  • No devices which have a camera or recording facility

When can you use it?
  • You wan wear a sports band on your wrist for any solo fitness training, warmups, line work etc.
  • They must be removed when doing any kind of partner exercise, including bag/pad training.
  • The band can be attached to your belt during partner drills.
If in doubt, please check with an instructor first, and obviously we cannot be responsible for loss/damage of any such devices you use in class.