Black Belt Applications for 2020 gradings

March Grading – Sunday 22nd March

  • Written papers will be handed out on Thursday 27th Feb
  • Final submission deadline Sunday 8th March
  • This is an ABSOLUTE DEADLINE, no excuses!!

Remember, when you submit your final application you are certifying that you are ready for the examination and that you understand all the requirements as laid out in the Black Belt Handbook. If you have any questions then NOW is the time to ask them. After the deadline is too late!

Should any any student feel they are unable to meet the requirements of the examination at this time, they have the option to defer until the next examination, but this must be agreed with an instructor and submitted in writing by the deadline..

Sunday 20th September

For students who qualify for the September grading, i.e. they will have held a black/red candidate status for a minimum 6 calendar months at the time of grading, initial applications will be due as follows:

Adults (16+ at time of grading): Thursday Feb 27th
pre-grading assessment period March->Sept

Juniors (<16) Thursday 28th May
pre-grading assessment period June->Sept


Initial applications must include an overview of your goals and training plan – as agreed in advance by a senior instructor. If you intend to apply for a black belt examination you should arrange a meeting with an instructor in advance of the deadline to discuss and agree your personal goals and allow time for you to submit your formal application.