No Weather Problems Reported

“We are OPEN for classes as normal.

Inclement weather Policy

Our first priority will always be the safety of our students and instructors.

I certainly wouldn’t want to risk getting stuck or having an accident in my car in poor weather and definitely wouldn’t expect any of you to take unnecessary risks either.


As we use a council facility we follow their advice and so in poor weather if Cam Everlands is closed to pupils then we’ll be closed too. Please note, we must follow this advice to comply with our insurance/health & safety policies.

If the school is open during the day but the weather is still poor then please CHECK FIRST. Either phone us, no later than 5:00pm, or check on the Academy website or facebook group.

Stay safe folks, if in doubt please DON’T RISK IT! Stay home and have a nice stretch in front of the telly instead!

“But the roads are all fine in Cam..”

A couple of years ago when we had some really bad weather days and had to cancel some classes I had a few comments from people who lived within walking distance of the school and were complaining we weren’t open! Trust me, if I can get to the school I’ll always endeavour to do so, but please remember that sometimes it’s not possible and we can’t expect anyone to put themselves at unnecessary risk.

I live up on the hill at Cam Green (as does Mrs Williamson) and we’re often subject to far worse conditions than might be found down in Cam and Dursley where the roads are given a priority. It’s often the case that the roads can be completely clear in Cam and yet we’ll still have a solid covering of snow and ice up here because we’re much more exposed and they don’t grit our roads. That pic on the right was taken when there was no snow at all on the main roads in Cam, but we have to negotiate a 1-in-7 hill to get to the school!

A couple of years ago when I did make it down for classes one evening I couldn’t actually get my car back up the hill and had to leave it a mile from home for three days!

We’ll never cancel unless we have to, but safety will always come first.

Even if you can’t get to class, you can still ‘do’ some martial arts

As always I’d suggest if you can’t get to class, use that time for something related to your training anyway. Have a stretch in front of the telly or better still, get on the forum and have a chat with some of the other students!

Hopefully this is all academic and we’ll have a heat wave, but obviously if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give me a call or email any time.

Inclement Weather Icon

If the school is closed to pupils, we’ll be closed too.

If Cam Everlands is closed to pupils during the day then even if we can physically get to the school we can’t open for classes.

I’m afraid we are bound by ‘red tape’ on this one as our insurance requires that we take ‘appropriate duty of care’ at all times and that we comply with any official recommendations with regards to safety. This means that if the school or county have decided to shut to pupils then we can’t open either. If we did and someone had an accident at the school (even if it was nothing to do with the snow) our insurers wouldn’t cover us if we’d gone against the official advice. Sorry folks but that’s out of our control.


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In the event of adverse weather conditions, the website linked below has the details of all the schools closed in Gloucestershire. If you need any further information, please phone us on 07973 368304.
r conditions or an emergency tune in to local radio stations for news.