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There seems to be an issue with many Outlook & Hotmail users saying they’re not receiving our mails.  There seems to be no reason for this; we are not on any blocklists or spam filters, the emails are submitted correctly to their mail server yet they simply don’t show up, nor do they end up in a ‘spam’ folder etc.

If you use one of these mail services please ensure you’ve added the domain to your safe senders list or you may never see any emails from us.  It seems that some from our mailing list provider do get delivered, but not those directly from our computer..

There is nothing we can do about it as the problem is with the microsoft servers  so, please ensure you add us to your safe senders list.

Do please ensure you include a phone number so we can call or text you in case we can’t get you via email.  Thanks!

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During Office Hours, please call on:

01453 549460

(Answering machine 24 hours)

Call Screening

Due to a very high number of unsolicited sales calls etc. We have enabled BT’s call screening service for unknown numbers.  If your phone number is not recognised you may be asked to say your leave name before you’re put through. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it really helps!

By Post:

Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy

c/o Richard Olpin,
Oakridge House,
Cam Green,
GL11 5HL.
United Kingdom

Please note, this is a correspondence address ONLY.

Classes are held at Cam Everlands School, details on the ‘how to find us‘ page.