Black Belt Registry

Black Belt is a rank, not a trophy, and as such it must be maintained.

Black Belt status within the Academy requires a student to to hold a current membership and to be actively training on a regular basis.

If a student is not in regular training then their Black Belt status will expire.

If a person is not listed on this site they may not be a registered black belt with the Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy.

If you have any queries about any person claiming to be a black belt within the Academy, please contact us for confirmation.

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

DateCertificate NoNameRankStatus
20172017-03-A-01Phil Munyard1st Dan(Probabationary)
2017-03-A-02Annie Traynor1st Dan(Probabationary)
20162016-03-J-01Jack Callinan1st Dan (Junior)Current
2016-03-J-02Thomas Munyard1st Dan (Junior)Current
20152015-03-A-01Shirley Williamson3rd DanCurrent
2015-03-A-02Rory Powell1st DanCurrent
2015-03-J01PJake Knott1st Dan (Junior)Expired
20142014-J-3-01Robbie Hirst2nd Dan (Junior)Current
2014-J-3-02Dillon Callinan1st Dan (Junior)Current
2014-J-3-03Harvey Smith1st Dan (Junior)Current
2013G.I.M.AMaster Richard Olpin6th DegreeCurrent
20122012-J-9-01Jack Costello1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2012-J-9-02Esme Harper-Coles1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2012-A-9-02Mrs Shirley Williamson2nd DanCurrent
2012-A-9-01Mr James Martin Sinclair1st DanExpired
2012-A-9-03Mr Stuart Davison2nd DanExpired
20112011-J-01Jack Costello1st Dan (Junior)Deferred
2011-J-02Esme Harper Coles1st Dan (Junior)Deferred
2011-J-03Holly Timbrell1st Dan (Junior)Cancelled (incomplete)
20102010-J-9-01Eleanor Davison1st Dan (Junior)Current
2010-J-9-02Robbie Hirst1st Dan (Junior)Current
2010-A-3-01Stewart Davison1st DanCurrent
2010-A-3-01Mrs Shirley Williamson1st DanCurrent
20092009-03-A-01Rob Standen1st DanCurrent
2009-03-K=01Keira Madden1st Dan (Junior)Expired
20072007-09-A-01Tim Workman1st Dan
2007-09-J-01Callum Priestley1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2007-09-J-02Jack Evans1st Dan (Junior)Expired
2007-09-J-03Ryan Smith1st Dan (Junior)Expired
20062006-09-A-01Kelly Dimery2nd DanExpired
2007-09-A-02Alan Viveash1st DanExpired
2006-09-A-03Andrew Wheeler1st DanCurrent
20052005-09-A-01Shona Thornhill1st DanCurrent
20042004-03-A-01Emma Walton1st DanExpired
2004-03-A-02Claire Clifton-Coles1st DanExpired
2004-09-A-01Kelly Dimery1st DanExpired
2004-09-J-01John Arundell1st DanExpired
20032003-04-A-01Vicci Akers1st DanExpired
2003-04-A-02Darcy Collins2nd DanCancelled
20022002-10-A-01Robert Miles1st DanExpired
2002-10-A-02David Workman1st DanExpired
2002-10-J-01Shona Thornhill2nd Dan (Junior)Current
20012001-06-A-01Pete Dunn1st DanExpired
2001-10-A-01Darcy Collins1st DanExpired
2000GTIShona Thornhill1st Dan (Junior)Current
GTIKathy Lane1st DanExpired
GTIFrancesca Lane1st DanCurrent